Saca Fishing

Capt. Javier Balderas has been fishing competitively for over 20 years. He won his first fishing tournament at the age of 13. He grew up fishing in the waters of Upper Laguna Madre in South Texas, and would consider this area his home waters. His professional fishing career has extended his geographic reach, far from the Texas to Florida Gulf Coast, to destinations like Argentina, Mexico (both Atlantic and Pacific Oceans), Dubai, and Egypt. Capt. Javier has participated in many tournaments to include the RGV API Tournament, Coastal API Tournament, GoPro Redfish Cup, Redfish FLW, Texas Redfish Series, Redfish IFA, and many other various tournaments and events along the gulf coast.


After a lustrous career, Capt. Javier created Saca Fishing as platform to showcase and share his plethora of knowledge with beginner and experienced anglers alike. On charter, anglers have the opportunity to learn and experience conventional, fly-fishing, sight fishing, and wading concepts. Anglers will also learn artificial and live bait applications and best practices relative to inshore fishing.


At Saca Fishing, we put knowledge and passion before ego. Let Capt. Javier and his First Mate Tiffany guide you the right way. Fish on…


Javier Balderas

First Mate

Tiffany Balderas

Tiffany Balderas is originally from the Brownwood, Texas area and has quite the passion for the outdoors. Growing up, she spent most of her time raising and training horses, and also fulfilling other duties around the ranch. Tiffany is a Texas A&M University graduate, but even through her time at school, she never let that slow down her pursuit of the outdoors.

As a hunter, Tiffany spends her seasons chasing Whitetail, Mule deer and hogs across the country, and other parts of the world. She is also an avid bow-hunter. As an angler, she would troll the nearby lakes and rivers in search of bass, crappie, and catfish. Her love of saltwater fishing came about when she met Capt. Javier. Since the two met, her range as an angler has expanded well beyond the Texas Hill Country. Some of her favorite destinations have ranged from the Gulf of Mexico stretching from Texas to Florida, Hawaii, Mexico, and Ireland. She also participates in various fishing tournaments, and her favorite to date has been Babes on the Bay.